Starting a Brand 101

Recently my Wife has quit her job. While she already has her own business that provides her income, she thought it would be nice to start a brand to help people like her. I've been helping her with this process and i will explain everything that we are doing to possibly help you as well.

My wife has an interesting backstory. She has been through a lot in her life and thinks that sharing it with the world will be good for her and for people like her. Of course when she talked to me about it, I immediately starting trying to figure out how to monetize everything. In my mind, I figured if I could monetize everything for her then she could spend less time working and more time with the kids doing stuff she loves.

Our initial plan is to start with a blog, youtube channel, tik tok, and podcast. I can monetize her youtube channel like normal. With the distributor we went with for the podcast we should be able to do brand deals after a few episodes. Tik Tok will mainly be for marketing and the blog will be monetized through affiliate marketing. We have already created the blog, even though it isn't published yet. We have also setup the youtube channel. She already has a Tik Tok with a decent amount of followers and I'm sure the podcast will have no problem gaining traction.

This week I will spending showing her how to write and publish blog posts as well as record and edit her youtube videos and podcast. I will keep making posts about this process to keep you updated with where we are at. I will also be transparent with the monetization process and how we manage to get it done in case you can use those same techniques for your projects.