Taking Shortcuts In Side Hustles

For the average person, a side hustle takes a little while to build up to the point that you have a solid second income stream. I'm going to tell you how I skipped a large amount of that process and it might even help you.

In my case, the side hustle that I am talking about is my business manufacturing and selling custom T-Shirts and Hoodies. I did have consistent sales from the time I got the equipment to make the clothing, but it wasn't to the point that I was making a substantial amount from it. Things really changed for me a few weeks ago at my fulltime job when one of my co-workers asked me if I could make him a custom hoodie for the company we work for. We have shirts, hoodies, and hats from this company but we only get a few hundred at a time. Whenever we run out, we stay out of stock for a while until we get a new shipment. So my coworker saw my new side hustle as an opportunity to get new work clothes whenever he needs them instead of waiting until the few times a year that we have them.

I got with him on what he wanted for a design, and what you see in the picture above is what we came up with. Once he wore this into work things changed for me. My bosses saw it and apparently liked it. They then had me make a few more of these hoodies and add them to our website. Now are hoodies on the website are selling faster than I ever would've expected. If you want to check them out you can click the link below.


The point of me telling you this, is because this might be a decent idea you could use to help out your side hustle. If you are making clothing like I am, make some for a local business and just let them have it for free. If they like it and you have decent prices, they could turn into a repeat customer for you and give you a shortcut to a steady income stream for your side hustle.